Here's to the next 300 issues!


CATEGORY: JAVIER ROMERO, editor of Infopack

As far back as I can remember, at the end of the last century, after many years of experience in industry and the graphic communication sector, we at the PressGraph mediaGroup met the need for quality technical and professional information for the world of packaging with our initial title, Embalajes Modernos. Straddling the centuries, and with the significant help of ITENE, this became the InfoPack whose 300th edition you, dear readers, already have in your hands

Perhaps 300 seems a lot for some, but our entire editorial history at InfoPack has gone through so much: from numerous legislation changes in Europe, many of which have posed almost impossible challenges for reducing, reusing and eliminating packaging; there was an ominous financial crisis that sank the economy and business worldwide; a Covid-19 pandemic leading to the almost total arrest of society; to now a bloody war on our doorstep; notwithstanding the decisive directives for the elimination of plastic; it is not surprising I feel like one of the 300 Spartans ready to face the overwhelming threat of the countless Persian armies of Xerxes in Thermopylae.

I still believe, however, in the final victory of our essential sector and, if our readers and advertisers join us, we will reach the milestone of another 300 more issues.


To celebrate this magical number, we have reserved a small space in these pages for different personalities from the entire value chain of the packaging world. We want to share this moment with them and reflect on the small, humble and – though I say so myself - solid contribution of our publication to the great family of packaging.

We will follow market developments with the same rigour as always, especially focusing on specific dossiers prepared by our co-editor, ITENE, as well as trends in user sectors, such as food and beverages, perfumery and cosmetics, pharmacy, logistics and retail, among others. We will hear from expert collaborators and contribute to an understanding of the national and international sectoral context.


We will be attentive to the importance of the evolution of communication, by incorporating new broadcast formats, weekly newsletters, social networks, podcasts and videos to gain audience and engage with our readers throughout the world. Tell us about yourselves and we will show you a space full of possibilities for your brand.


Here's to the next 300 issues!

This anniversary of InfoPack goes hand in hand with the return in May of interpack, the most important packaging industry fair in the world. It returns after 6 years of absence and 2 changes of date due to the pandemic. As all professionals in the sector know, this is an unmissable event for all those companies who want to find out first-hand all the latest developments, trends and technologies in this sector. Everything you need to see will be there, while we will be here to tell you all about it.

For example, look out for the conferences and presentations, with interpack offering a wide range of events on all the most important topics in these times of change, to face the challenges of tomorrow in the packaging industry. Not least of which is the sustainability of the industry itself, which will have a leading role in both the conference programme and the exhibition area.


Fco. Javier Romero

Editor Infopack Magazine


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