High performance for ketchup bottles


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As a technology leader with rotary labeling machines, Gernep trusts in HERMA applicators, including for a new ketchup bottle labeling machine. With its cutting-edge interfaces and sleek design, the new HERMA 500 Rotary offers the very best credentials for integration projects.


The latest interfaces, simple electronic connectivity, extreme precision and comprehensive support for Gernep worldwide – just some of the many reasons why the company, a technology leader in the rotary labeling machine segment, entrusts label application to the HERMA 500 Rotary. A case in point is the Soluta rotary labeling machine, which is being deployed by a leading US producer of fine food and mustard products. It requires labels to be applied to the neck, front and back of its ketchup bottles.


Three HERMA 500 Rotary applicators have therefore been integrated, enabling the Gernep Soluta to process 20,000 bottles an hour. “The HERMA 500 Rotary is especially easy to connect, including to the Soluta control panel in particular. The operator can control everything perfectly from one place, without having to go to the individual applicators,” stresses Gernep managing director Martin Hammerschmid. Key to this simple handling are the diverse interfaces provided by the HERMA 500 Rotary. Whenever an individual applicator has to be accessed directly, it’s a quick and easy exercise thanks to special sliding drawers situated underneath the pedestal of each device. But the applicator’s technical specifications were only one of the factors in Gernep’s decision-making. “For us, the quality of support provided by HERMA was at least as important because it directly impacts customer satisfaction. Our portfolio includes numerous familiar international brands in the beverage, food, consumer healthcare and non-food sectors,” explains Hammerschmid. “Our own brand claim is ‘More than Labelling’, which is something we expect from all our partners as well on every market in which we operate – in other words, worldwide. As in other disciplines, HERMA is a genuine leader as far as support is concerned.” Gernep labeling machines are in service in more than 130 countries. In the period since the two companies began working together in 2005, Gernep has installed well over 1,000 HERMA applicators.


Each of the devices integrated in the rotary labeling machine for ketchup bottles recently shipped by Gernep is equipped with two unwinders. This allows faster changes when a new label roll is needed. In order to achieve the high throughput required for this application, both of the unwinders are also motorized. Depending on the specific needs and machine size, the Gernep Soluta can be configured with up to nine HERMA 500 Rotary units. The sleek outline of this applicator exemplifies a design created specifically to satisfy the requirements of rotary machines.


Speed synchronization is automatic, and the height and tilt angle settings are adjusted easily and precisely by way of a trapezoidal thread spindle with the aid of digital position indicators. Alongside these functionalities, the rotary machine applicators offer all the compelling benefits of the classic HERMA 500. One of these is the touchscreen, which makes the applicator as easy to operate as a smartphone. The menu structure is designed in such a way that no more than three clicks are needed to reach the desired menu item. In addition, there are quick-change systems for the peel plate, automatic detection of the label length, and the ability to remove various components quickly for cleaning without any tools. Another bonus, especially in the context of support, is rapid remote fault diagnosis even when direct access to the applicator is not available. At the press of button, the HERMA 500 logs all of its settings in an encrypted QR code, which can be sent straight to a service portal from a smartphone or tablet. In most cases, a Gernep service engineer located elsewhere can then establish exactly which setting needs to be changed.



Located in Filderstadt near Stuttgart (Germany), HERMA is a leading European specialist in self-adhesive technology. In the 2020 fiscal year, the HERMA Group generated sales of €380.8 million with more than 1,100 employees in three divisions – Self-adhesive Materials, Labels and Labeling Machines. The export ratio was around 62.8 %.




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