High-tech for recycling labels and sleeves for bottles


CATEGORY: Printing and labeling BRAND: CCL Label

5 reasons why bottle labels can be high-tech powerhouses (when it comes to recycling).

Often brands and consumers think of label and sleeve decoration merely as a small part of the overall packaging. Think again! Many of them have been engineered to perform a certain way at the end-of-life of the packaging – thus supporting recycling!



1. Looking to boost PET recycling? Go Floatable!

One of the crucial steps in standard PET sorting is the sink/float process. Here the PET flakes are separated from everything else – like cap and label materials. “For successful PET recycling it is important that the label or sleeve has a low density and floats! CCL offers EcoFloat shrink sleeves, EcoStream pressure-sensitive labels and Stretch Sleeve solutions that are made from low-density polyolefin materials and are floatable. They detach automatically from the PET bottle in the sorting and recycling facility, taking printing inks and ... READING MORE AT

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