Hispack acknowledges #LaFuerzadelPackaging


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Fira Barcelona's Hispack fair is launching a campaign to pay tribute to the Spanish packaging industry which, during this health emergency, has proved to be an essential and indispensable industry for the world to continue to function.

With the slogan #LaFuerzadelPackaging, Hispack highlights the value of the contributions of the packaging industry, as well as the effort and work of companies and professionals in this industry to deal with the pandemic. At the same time, Hispack advocates and forecasts that packaging will be a strategic industry when it comes to relaunching the economic activity of all the productive and commercial industries in the new normal that will emerge after this crisis.

In order to act as a lobby for the powerful Spanish packaging ecosystem and add voices to the campaign, Hispack has collected the opinions of different sectoral spokespersons that are shown below. They highlight the key benefits of the packaging industry in this exceptional situation, as well as the industry's constant innovation to continue to guarantee maximum protection and security in the manufacture and distribution of products.






The global public health emergency caused by COVID-19 has made it clear which industries are essential for the world to continue to operate.

The packaging industry has taken on a new role: today, more than ever, it is the solution when it comes to bringing services and products closer to people.

At a time when society is seeing its scale of values shaken and with uncertainty all around us, packaging has formed a new alliance with industries: they ensure accessibility and security.

As the world becomes obsessed with hygiene and health, packaging is taking on a new relevance. At this extremely difficult time for movement and transport, logistics has responded with effective strategies.

The packaging industry has been on the front line along with other fundamental links in the chain, such as food, health and hygiene. It has gone back to its real raison d'être: to protect what matters and to bring products closer to people. The packaging industry has come together in a determined effort to deal with this extraordinary situation that we are all going through.

The world, after being brought to a halt, will need to pick itself up again with renewed energy. The packaging industry will be essential to start afresh.

The new strength of the packaging industry will be essential for the future that awaits us. Hispack is doing everything it can to continue to be the meeting point for the entire industry and for this effort to continue.


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