Hot-melt adhesive application: Packaging’s “invisible” technology


CATEGORY: Printing and labeling BRAND: Focke Meler Gluing Solutions

The packaging industry’s main challenge is striking a balance between sustainability and client demands, as well as between circularity and product protection.

All of the strategies of the sector’s stakeholders are pointing in this direction, and Meler, your Gluing Solutions Partner, specialist in hot-melt applications for the world of packaging, has spent years addressing this challenge as well.


Adhesive and sealant application is one of those “invisible” technologies behind many of our society’s innovations, and we are surrounded by examples of them on a daily basis: cardboard boxes, bottle labelling, food packaging, etc. Hot-melt application systems are designed to be integrated into all types of machinery - they fit the production line like a glove. Production processes can require one or various gluing stations in order to manufacture the end product.

We talked to Javier Suescun, Focke Meler’s Product Manager for the packaging sector, to learn more about the keys to this close collaboration.


Gluing systems are an essential part of the packaging manufacturing process. What real impact do they have on the production process?

JAVIER SUESCUN: Packaging production lines are very complex. They're the result of hours and hours of engineering work and each element plays an essential role. However, we could say that...READING MORE AT

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