How can biotechnology help the agri-food value chain?



The current "use-consume-dispose" economic model based on the concept of linear economy has a high impact on resources and the environment, particularly in the agri-food sector.

Beatriz Vallejo - ITENE


This sector has been severely affected by the scarcity of resources, food loss and waste generation along the supply chain. In addition, the use of intensive, high-yield agricultural systems does not guarantee long-term sustainability, nor does it guarantee meeting today's high demand for food due to the increase in the world's population and the lack of nutrients. To all these problems, climate change, food scarcity and biodiversity loss have contributed to the implementation of the circular economy in the agri-food sector (Plan for the Circular Economy).

In this context, the Circular Economy advocates for reducing the total waste generated while improving the use and recovery processes of the waste produced through economically viable processes and with the aim of developing products with high added value.... READ MORE AT

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