How can the beverage industry aspire to a 100% recycling rate?


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Beverage cans are the world's most recycled packaging. The incredible qualities of aluminum not only make them infinitely recyclable, but also very easy to separate from other packaging. It is a simple and highly efficient process, so it can be said that they are the true champions of recycling. In addition, more and more cans are being recycled, reaching a record rate of 74.5% over the past year in terms of the European global average.

Ramón Arratia


This progress is certainly good news, but this means that 25% of aluminum cans are lost, never recovered or reintroduced into the economy after use, resulting in losses of 115 million euros. It therefore seems appropriate to reflect on what we can do so that virtually all cans can be recycled, as is already the case in some European countries.


There is also a clear economic justification for aiming for this 100% rate, relating to the high intrinsic value of aluminium and the low cost of technologies to separate, classify and recycle it. Moreover, today in Europe we have the ability to melt more aluminum than what comes onto the market, so the infrastructure needed to recycle more cans, unlike plastic, is already in place.


So what can we do to achieve that long-standing goal? The roadmap involves first...READING MORE

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