How to demonstrate compliance with the challenges of the Royal Decree on Packaging and Packaging waste?



Although the recycling of the packaging we produce and consume is increasing, there is still plenty of room for improvement, especially in the case of plastic packaging, which is in high demand due to its characteristics, but due to its complexity still has lower recycling rates than other materials.

Allan Franco and Paula Torrijos – ITENE 


Specifically, in 2020, 46% of this packaging was recycled in Europe, while the rest was destined for energy recovery or landfill. This fact has encouraged governments to undertake measures aimed at reducing the impact of packaging on the environment.


The measures proposed at European level are aimed at implementing a new production and consumption model, known as the Circular Economy, which ensures that products, materials and other resources are used efficiently, extending their useful life while reducing their environmental impact. 


For the development of the Circular Economy, a regulatory framework has been established for...READING MORE AT

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