How to design SUSTAINABLE PREMIUM packaging?


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The development of optimised packaging is strategic for the marketing of all products. A proper design optimises the packaging-to-product ratio, reduces costs, reduces environmental impact and therefore increases the competitiveness of the company

Marta Garrido García / Patricia Navarro Javierre – ITENE


The levels of vibration and shocks that occur during transport are complex and play an important role in the level of damage that products face during their distribution cycle and handling stages.


The first step in proper packaging design is to perform an accurate simulation of the delivery environment, in which a power spectral density (PSD) profile of vertical vibration and specific drop heights among other test typologies are applied. Measuring vibration and impacts on distribution routes enables packaging designers to develop packaging solutions that meet the challenges of distribution. Many studies have measured and analysed the shocks to packaging during handling and transport on last mile or traditional distribution routes. This data can be used to design transport simulation protocols and to develop optimised packaging to avoid damage.

The sustainability challenge, which is manifested through the circular economy and national and European environmental legislation, is being embraced by the packaging industry as a key driver to respond to the needs set by...READING MORE AT

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