How to increase safety in the maritime transport of batteries



If an electric car is involved in an accident, its battery may catch fire after 72 hours or much later. What can be done for its transport and packaging? How can we increase the safety of this type of goods when a company wants to export them so that there are not only accidents but also loss of product?

Patricia Navarro Javierre - ITENE


In this article we will reveal the keys to achieve this, especially in the case of maritime transport, as batteries of this type are particularly sensitive.



Electric batteries, compared to traditional nickel hydride or nickel-cadmium rechargeable battery technology, have the following main advantages:


· Charge in less time and take longer to discharge.

· Have a higher energy density, have no memory effect and lose virtually no charge when not in use.

· Capable of storing more energy in less space than other batteries and will therefore be key to the future of energy storage in the face of the challenges of climate change, which...READING MORE AT


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