Huesitos: the revival of a favourite brand


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How do you update a brand already perceived as endearing, jovial, positive and capable of spreading joy, and why do so? After 44 years on the market, and part of the Chocolates Valor portfolio since 2013, Huesitos has managed to establish itself in the minds of consumers and become an authentic favourite brand.


Isabel Santomé


This is a leading brand present in more than 2 million homes which continues to grow at the same rate as its category. But Huesitos wanted to strengthen the connection with its core market, expand to new areas of consumption and younger targets, and strengthen itself in a territory clearly linked to its market share. Work was needed on its values and identity.


To do this, Huesitos contracted Summa Branding, a consultancy specialising in the creation and management of brands, a pioneer in the Spanish market with over 30 years of history. The company had previously developed the rebranding of its corporate brand Valor and the redesign of its packaging lines for the entire chocolate bar range.


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