Hygienic PE pallet boxes for careful grape harvesting


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Craemer presents logistic solutions at Fruit Logistica and Empack.

Whether for juice or wine production: grapes must be harvested with care, since any impact will lead to bruising. The Craemer Group, a pioneer in plastics processing, offers food-safe and extremely sturdy collection containers that permit hygienic and careful harvesting of grapes. Particularly suitable: the CB3 High and SB3 plastic pallet boxes.


During all steps of grape harvesting, from picking to collecting, emptying into pallet boxes and transport to the place of processing, the delicate fruit needs to be protected from pressure. Two Craemer pallet boxes made of high-quality polyethylene (PE) in industrial size (1200 x 1000 mm) are ideal for this purpose: CB3 High with an extra-large volume, and SB3 with closed or perforated walls. Both boxes are sturdily constructed and moulded in one piece, very resistant, hard-wearing, neutral in odour and taste and resistant to mould and bacteria. With nine feet (optional), they stand securely even on uneven ground or slopes.

The CB3 High pallet box is 1140 millimetres high and has a capacity of around 1000 litres. Thanks to its closed walls, even the juice of damaged grapes is not lost. As with the SB3 box, a drainage hole allows both juice and water to drain away when the box is cleaned, while the sturdy ribbed lower deck ensures that the bottom of the box is very stable. The CB3 High box weighs either 46.5 or 49.5 kg, depending on the selected variant.


The CB3 High pallet box holds approx. 1000 litres, has smooth inner walls and a heavily ribbed bottom section which provides additional strength. Photo: Craemer Group


The closed version of the SB3 pallet box also catches the juice of damaged grapes. The perforated version, on the other hand, has chamfered vents on the inside to protect the delicate bunches (useful for winegrowers). It is 790 millimetres high, has a capacity of 610 litres and a payload of 700 kilograms. Depending on the version, it weighs either 38.5 or 43.5 kilograms.


The SB3 pallet box with three runners or nine feet is available in closed or perforated design. Photo: Craemer Group



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