Importance of transport monitoring and cold chain



In today's globalised world, it is becoming more important to monitor transport, especially temperature during it, as breaking the cold chain can lead to health problems in frozen products, as well as a loss of quality and/or qualities (taste, texture, etc.) in frozen and refrigerated products

Miguel Ángel Alferez - ITENE



The cold chain refers to a series of uninterrupted processes in which quality is maintained by keeping a low temperature range. All frozen products must be preserved without breaking the cold chain. Micro-organisms that may imply a health hazard or micro-organisms that cause food spoilage are inhibited at certain sub-zero temperatures. The cold chain must also be maintained for pharmaceutical products such as vaccines. A close example can be seen with Pfizer's recent Covid-19 vaccine, which requires ... YOU CAN CONTINUE READING THIS ARTICLE IN OUR ONLINE MAGAZINE. YOU CAN REGISTER TO SEE ALL THE CONTENTS AT

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