“In perfumes, the packaging is as important as the contents itself”


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Interview with Irene Gispert, CEO of Ainea Perfums


Nine years ago, when my first child was born, some friends with more experience came along to help us, tired and overwhelmed first-time parents, and apart from good advice, they gave us a selection of Lua & Lee baby care products. Right from the start, they inspired tenderness. As simple as that! Years later, those gentle aromas come back to me, as I have found the opportunity to interview their creator, Irene Gispert, the CEO of Ainea Perfums (Teia, Barcelona), with whom we have talked of the importance of the image of their products.


Francisco Montoro


To start with, could you give us a brief summary of Ainea Perfums’ product lines?

In Ainea, we consider ourselves artisans of Mediterranean perfumes. Within the area defined by this idea, we have developed two brands, Lua & Lee, specialized in infant perfumes and cosmetics, and Ainea, which includes Mediterraneas and Basics Ainea, two different product categories based on the same concept.


Packaging is a promise regarding the contents that the consumer will find inside. It must honour this promise. Does this affect the design of the packaging in some way? Does good packaging help to sell?

In the world of perfumes, the packaging is as important as...READING MORE


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