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CATEGORY: JAVIER ROMERO, editor of Infopack BRAND: Infopack Magazine

This 2022, we reach this landmark figure more than satisfied both with the road we have travelled and with doing our bit to shed light on the often unknown and exciting world hiding behind this apparently grey facade that is the packaging industry.

However, we are determined not to fall into the trap of navel gazing and are excited about the new challenges we have set for ourselves in a year that appears as stimulating as it is exciting.


In the media, not only for professionals and technicians, but also for the most general types, we are presented with challenges that existed before the pandemic but which have accelerated during it. These are changes in information and content consumption habits that the growing digitisation has brought with it.


How can we communicate our commitment to packaging design and sustainability to our audience more effectively to better understand the changes that lie ahead? How do we convey the message of the prime movers and leaders throughout the entire production and supply chain in greater depth? How do we combine these values in which we firmly believe with the value we bring to companies in their B2B communication strategy?


“We cannot and do not want to stand still.” This is the message we want to communicate to our readers, who will already be noticing a change in the printed magazine sections. The entire flow of innovation in its different aspects we offer month after month are more precisely ordered. Soon we will also have a new web page ready: fresher, more dynamic and modern, adapted to the needs of the professional who visits us, to allow them to find the content which is useful and interesting to them more quickly. The website will include our long-awaited podcast, “BRAND VALUES”, our immediate attempt to analyse the main challenges of the sector together with industry leaders, with maximum dissemination over different platforms. These will become “innovation capsules” developing solutions.


There are two advantages of having a podcast as a platform valued by brands: it is an ideal format for telling stories and it is also a way to insert advertising space in real time to combine scale and segmentation. We are going to develop valuable thematic content on the Circular Economy, Innovation, Logistics and Branding & Design to respond to the profound changes awaiting us in the world of packaging.


Finally, we would like to recognise and thank the ITENE technology centre, the co-founder and protective partner of our publication, for the support given during these 25 years. InfoPack and ITENE, hand in hand, will continue to grow and learn together for the benefit of packaging.


Welcome to the future!


Fco. Javier Romero

Editor Infopack Magazine




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