InNo-Liner at leading Australian brand manufacturer: Linerless in Down Under


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Hanes Australasia chooses linerless HERMA system for shipping and logistics labels as part of its 2025 sustainability goals.

Shipping labels without backing material avoid thousands of tons of waste and make for a reduced CO2 footprint. As elsewhere, this sustainable argument is proving persuasive in Australia. Hanes Australasia, a company whose portfolio includes some of the continent’s most recognized apparel and lifestyle brands, has accordingly committed to the HERMA InNo-Liner system for its shipping and logistics labels as part of its 2025 sustainability goals.


The HERMA InNo-Liner system is causing a stir, also in Australia: Here, the linerless label is already transfered to a tamp pad. An activation unit activates the initially non-sticky adhesive with a highly consistent spray of micro-atomized water.


Then the linear transfer unit automatically moves the tamp pad, with the activated label, to the required labeling height for the next case in the line.


The desired effect – extremely high adhesion of the labels – arises from perfect interaction of the activation unit with the patented multi-layer adhesive 82S.



Headquartered in Melbourne and employing around 4,400 people, Hanes will be commissioning the first two HERMA linerless labeling systems in August 2021, with others set to follow. Locally, the project was led by Result Group, a longstanding HERMA distribution partner specializing in packaging and labeling technology. The labels for the innovative linerless system are being supplied by Label Manufacturers Australia (LMA), a part of the TMA Group, and are based in turn on a special self-adhesive material produced by HERMA in Filderstadt, Germany.


“The HERMA InNo-Liner technology was the perfect solution for Hanes to adopt at the back end of their supply chain,” said Kate Appleby, National Sales Manager at LMA. “An important factor was a strong ROI when replacing conventional label materials and machinery currently installed. The calculation also took into account savings in the material itself, removing waste disposal costs, and a host of other measurable benefits.”


Michael Dossor, Group General Manager of Result Group, made clear: “For some time now we’ve been offering linerless solutions for primary packaging products, and we’ve seen the demand for these continue to grow on sustainability grounds. So it’s all the more pleasing for us to have, in the shape of the HERMA InNo-Liner system for secondary shipper packaging, a compelling solution suitable even for the demanding conditions on the logistics and warehouse shipping side.”


Water-only activation

Developed specifically for shipping labels, the HERMA InNo-Liner system is based on a special multi-layer adhesive variant, which is non-sticky at first, and a custom-made micro-atomizer, which activates the adhesive. The process is based entirely on water: in other words, it does not involve any solvents, heat or other media associated with possibly undesirable side-effects. As the winner of the German Packaging Prize in the sustainability category in 2019, the HERMA InNo-Liner system is thought to be the world’s first and, to date, only system capable of operating consistently at the speeds and with the process reliability demanded by logistics centers. The desired effect – extremely high adhesion of the labels – arises from perfect interaction of the atomizer with the patented multi-layer adhesive 82S. Water consumption is minimal, especially since any unused water is refiltered and recycled in the system. The activation unit can be cleaned as required, but necessary manual intervention consists largely of renewing label rolls. For printing variable data on the labels, both thermal transfer and thermal direct options are available. Labels can also be preprinted in color with conventional techniques.


Located in Filderstadt near Stuttgart (Germany), HERMA is a leading European specialist in self-adhesive technology. In the 2020 fiscal year, the HERMA Group generated sales of €380.8 million with 1,100 employees in three divisions – Self-adhesive Materials, Labels and Labeling Machines. The export ratio was around 62.8 %.


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