Innovative packaging concepts for minced meat


CATEGORY: Material innovations BRAND: SÜDPACK

A new look for a kitchen classic from the refrigerated section: SÜDPACK is launching two innovative packaging concepts for minced meat that do without bottom trays. What is more, the two concepts are mono-material packaging solutions based on polypropylene (PP).

They stand out for their excellent recyclability and significantly lower material consumption compared to standard packaging, which makes these solutions especially resource-saving, while also scoring in terms of sustainability at the point of sale.


New look for a sustainable impression

The Flow Pack PurePP film is an innovative and unconventional packaging solution for “minced” products, which captures consumers’ attention at first glance. It achieves material savings of up to 60 percent compared to tray packaging. For example, a PurePP flow-wrapped pack for one kilogram of minced meat weighs as little as 9.5 gram. It is also an attractive solution for manufacturers in other respects: Flow Pack PurePP can be processed quickly and efficiently on all common flow wrapping machines, even at high speeds, thanks to its good sealing properties.


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