Innovative technologies for packaging waste recycling


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PlasticsEurope notes in the “Plastics - the Facts 2022” report that 29.5 million tonnes of post-consumer plastic waste were collected across the continent in 2020. Of this plastic packaging, only 34.6% was recycled, while 42% was incinerated, and 23.4% was landfilled.

Francisco V. Sánchez Correa and Marta de la Cruz Arnal - ITENE


Despite the efforts made so far, these figures are still far from the target of recycling 55% of plastic by 2030, as set out in the European Plastics Strategy in a circular economy, as well as in Directive (EU) 2018/852 on packaging and packaging waste3.



In order to achieve the objectives, set both at national and European level, it is necessary to focus on those wastes that are more difficult to recover, either due to their technical complexity, their high degree of contamination or their heterogeneity.

At present, one of the most complex types of packaging to recover is multilayer packaging waste. This type of packaging, which is very common in the packaging sector, is still in high demand due to the great properties it confers for the protection of the products it contains.


The difficulty for the valorisation of this type of structures is based, precisely, on...READING MORE AT

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