Interpack 2023: a catalyst for innovation in the packaging industry


CATEGORY: JAVIER ROMERO, editor of Infopack

There are 2 important events on the horizon in the world of packaging and labelling. 

The first is global in nature and has been mentioned by us in the last few issues of our magazine: Interpack 2023. Why is this event so important? Because every 4 years (although 6 in this case, due to the pandemic) it is able to stand as the milestone for large companies which want to demonstrate the advances they have made; thereby acting as a catalyst for all the innovation experienced by the packaging industry. This German fair has the great merit of doing more than acting as a simple fair - putting the different parts of the chain in contact with each other and exhibiting their innovations – it has become capable of promoting R&D and demonstrating, edition after edition, the technological leaps of which the industry is capable and which the end user enjoys in the form of packaging,. 


As ever, this is a golden opportunity for the visitor to dive in and discover the trends we’ve been talking about for years and which will probably still be important in the future: 


Sustainability: As always, this is the biggest macro trend. The increasing environmental awareness among consumers has led the container and packaging industry to work on ever more sustainable solutions; reducing and replacing materials with renewable and biodegradable alternatives. 

Customisation: Consumers expect personalised products and services everywhere, and this includes packaging. Many companies are using advanced technologies, with special emphasis on digitisation, to provide customisation in products and packaging. 

Technology: This is playing an increasingly important role in packaging. For example, tracking and tracing technology can help reduce food waste and increase supply chain efficiency. 

Ease of use and safety: Consumers are looking for packaging that is easy to use and transport, as well as being safe. Companies are working on solutions to reduce the size and weight of containers, which can be opened and closed easily. 

E-commerce: The increasing importance of this field, especially since the pandemic, has led to an increase in the use of packaging designed specifically for shipping and transporting products. 


Meanwhile, the second event is now an established one in Iberia: the XXIII AIFEC (Iberian Association of Continuous Label Manufacturers) Congress. Once again, and this time from Marrakesh, it will remind us of the main challenges faced by the labelling industry. Manufacturers, converters, material and technology suppliers and other key players in the supply chain meet every year to discuss the latest trends and solutions in the industry. It is an excellent opportunity to exchange knowledge, form networks and identify new business opportunities. This year, the board of directors of the association will focus on two of the main problems in the sector: training and talent retention. 


We will be there to explain it all to you. 


Fco. Javier Romero

Editor Infopack Magazine


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