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Interview with Thomas Dohse, director interpack 2023 

Six years later, the global packaging industry is finally meeting again at interpack, the world's largest trade fair for the sector. As the figures from previous major events such as ALL4PACK Paris and Hispack show, there is a desire among professionals to get back on track and demonstrate why packaging is at the forefront of innovation and sustainability. Thomas Dhose, director of this edition, gives us the keys. 


Francisco Montoro 


INFOPACK: During the media presentation of the trade fair in Barcelona you said that “interpack is the place where representatives of the global industry shape the future”. What are the main challenges facing the packaging industry, in your opinion, and how does interpack respond to them?  

THOMAS DOHSE: As the organizers of interpack, we obviously work closely with the industry to identify trends but also challenges and how to address them. To give an example, changing consumer tastes is one such challenge. The demand for sustainable packaging is on the rise. What was once an add-on is now a duty. How companies are...READING MORE AT

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