Interview with José Antonio Gacio Lata, Imagraf CEO and founder


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Created in the 90's as a technical service for the printing industry, Imagraf (Oroso, A Coruña) gradually expanded its activity to the sale of machinery until it became a benchmark in the distribution of equipment for labels, packaging and commercial printing in today´s world.

INFOPACK: To give the reader some background, what kind of services does IMAGRAF offer and which of them is growing the most in the company?

JOSE ANTONIO GACIO CAN: Imagraf is a company that sells machinery for the graphic arts industry and provides technical service. Its main sectors are:

· Commercial printing: providing tools for printed products in an agile and reliable way, ranging from the most complex 10-colour offset machines to finishing machines: binding, laminating, die-cutting, etc.

· Labels: printing machines and finishes. We are trusted by Nickel, a first-class manufacturer of label printing and finishing machines for die cutting, inspection, stamping, etc.

· Packaging: with the help of different prestigious firms, we can offer a range of high-performance solutions to all our customers, in machines such as box gluers, die-cutters, varnish coating, box making, etc.

The fastest growing sector is packaging and labelling. Areas such as food, textiles and cosmetics have a greater presence in the development of boxes for their products. The commercial printing sector is decreasing, so graphic arts need to expand into new markets such as packaging and labels.


IP: Due to its geographical location, Imagraf has focused its activity in the Galician and Portuguese market. What is the strategy that the company will follow to expand to the rest of the Iberian Peninsula? What differences do you see between the Portuguese and Spanish markets?

JAGL: The proximity to Portugal, especially the northern area, has facilitated our presence in the Portuguese market. Geographically, we are well located in relation to.... .READ MORE AT

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