La Ballestera: Avant Garde Wine, Art and Design


CATEGORY: Packaging design BRAND: Valentín Iglesias

The world of wine is an industry which involves a significant degree of craftsmanship and artistic talent during production. However, when it comes to marketing it as a consumer item, some of that magic can be diluted owing to the industrial processes used in bottling and labeling. The final product ends up being commoditized, its exclusive artwork as a unique creation lost.

Valentin Churches


For fast-moving consumer goods, this modus operandi is the most efficient and only viable choice. But in art or luxury goods, the overriding criterion is never efficiency, but rather the mystique of originality, exclusivity, and excellence at any cost.

When our design studio was faced with the challenge of bringing La Ballestera's image to life, we quickly came to the realization that we could not approach the task as if it were just another project.


The estate and winery owned by the Seglem family – Norwegian entrepreneurs who love Spain and are patrons of the arts – is the family refuge on the frontier between Andalusia and Castilla La Mancha, and also serves as the headquarters for hosting part of their private collection. The design for this project had to be capable of conveying both this passion for fine wine and a refined appreciation of art and beauty.


Producing just a few thousand bottles of a sublime wine created by the acclaimed winemaker Ignacio de Miguel, the idea of using...READING MORE AT

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