Labelexpo is full of surprises


CATEGORY: JAVIER ROMERO, editor of Infopack

After years of inactivity due to the global pandemic, September will mark the long-awaited return of Labelexpo Europe, the leading trade fair for the label industry. It will be held in Brussels, September 11-14, for the last time before moving to Barcelona in 2024

This prestigious fair is an exciting platform full of promise, whose reappearance gives professionals in the sector the opportunity to discover the latest technological developments and explore the main trends in the label market.


But why is Labelexpo Europe 2023 a must-see event for all industry players? First and foremost, the show is known for bringing together the label industry's leading innovators and suppliers, and this year will be no exception. Visitors will be able to explore a wide range of technological innovations revolutionising the industry. Among the most outstanding trends on show will be:

  • High-quality digital printing: This technology has reached new levels of quality and efficiency. Attendees will be able to see state-of-the-art digital printers that offer excellent colour reproduction and faster production speeds. These machines allow for faster customisation and multiple versions, giving brands greater flexibility and responsiveness in the marketplace.
  • Sustainability solutions: Environmental awareness is on the rise, and the label industry is responding with more sustainable solutions. At Labelexpo Europe, exhibitors will present eco-friendly label materials, environmentally friendly inks and adhesives, as well as innovative recycling technologies. These solutions help brands reduce their environmental footprint and meet the growing demands of sustainability-conscious consumers.
  • Smart Labels: The trend towards digitisation has led to the development of smart labels, equipped with sensors and RFID technology that enable real-time tracking, inventory control and product authentication. In addition, smart labels offer consumers access to additional information, such as instructions for use, product reviews and special promotions.

In short, it will be a unique forum for brands to learn more about the latest labelling trends relevant for their business: increased personalisation, anti-counterfeiting solutions, automation and efficiency, for example. It is not only about staying at the forefront of technology, but about witnessing the exciting evolution of this constantly changing market, which we have been observing from our privileged viewpoint for a long time now and telling you all about it.


Finally, before wishing you a happy summer, we wanted to say goodbye till after the holidays with a light-hearted but interesting exercise: we asked artificial intelligence to describe what the packaging of the future will be like.


This is what it said: “The packaging of the future will be sustainable, minimalist and functional. It will be designed with biodegradable and recyclable materials, using innovative technologies to reduce waste. It will be smart, interactive and customisable, providing detailed product information and enhancing the consumer experience.”


Fco. Javier Romero

Editor Infopack Magazine



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