Labels that come off the bottle? Never again!


CATEGORY: Labels BRAND: UPM Raflatac

Hub Labels solves Mazzaroth’s issues with the labels crinkling and peeling due to moisture with UPM Raflatac Glacier WSA Weld Plus. High-performing material from UPM Raflatac enhanced Mazzaroth’s brand image and customer experience. Fast production turnaround and delivery ensured that Mazzaroth was able to meet customer demand.

Mazzaroth is a vineyard and winery with a focus on growing the most flavorful grapes while keeping in balance with nature. This family-owned business in Maryland, U.S., prides itself on a relentless focus on quality. Hub Labels, Inc. is a Maryland-based manufacturer of pressure sensitive and linerless labels. At the heart of Hub are the people, who are driven by five key principles: Safety, Sustainability, Innovation, Service and Community.


Wine labels impact the consumer experience

Mazzaroth’s focus on quality extends beyond the vineyard to its product packaging. The winery’s founder Garry Cohen takes pride in the customer experience, from purchase to consumption. When Mazzaroth’s wine labels weren’t performing in an ice bath, Cohen reached out to his label supplier Hub Labels to find a solution.


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