Luis Fernández Vilela, co-founder of Coreti: A Labelling Legacy



Vision, perseverance and the courage to invest and innovate

Coreti is one of the most recognised and representative companies in the Spanish self-adhesive label industry. In September 2021, we reported it had become part of the multinational Asteria Group; a European group of 24 companies, Belgian in origin, and specialising in packaging and labelling. Today, we want to find out about the experience of the person who was the company's leading light since its foundation, Luis Fernández Vilela.


As Ives Declerck, CEO of Asteria Group, told us in our October 2021 issue, “The purchase of Coreti was important, firstly, to make our European ambitions known in Spain; and, secondly, to expand the product portfolio in the group once again. Its high quality, especially in the wine sector, and extraordinary finishes, provide great added value for Asteria Group.”

More than a year after the takeover, we can confirm that the multinational made the right choice with Coreti, and has been able to offer the European market an even wider range of luxury labels and finishes for its customers. The key to Coreti's success is simple...READING MORE AT

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