Manufacturing 4.0 (connected manufacturing)


CATEGORY: Automation and Robotics BRAND: Sistrade

To prepare the production units of the clients and potential clients to the evolutionary challenges lying ahead in the industry and with the view to a more sustainable future of the businesses, SISTRADE aim is to naturally help this change providing the solutions that enable the complete digitization of production systems through the interconnection of equipment, people and processes, such solutions maximize overall efficiency in organizations.

In addition to its alignment to the main pillars of the industry 4.0, Sistrade software also brings solutions for the companies on the way to the sustainable industry promoting more circular models of business. 

A set of available tools and solutions boosts the efficient use of equipment resources, materials and energy creating sustainable industry and transforming challenges into opportunities.



Sistrade Manufacturing 4.0 achieves a level of resource optimisation by focusing on process flows and how to take advantage of the integration of this data, promoting process, resource and energy efficiency. It is not limited only to the productive process; this service allows clients to promote more expedient logistics, taking the true advantage of industrial connectivity.


Sistrade Manufacturing 4.0, the MES software goes beyond the production connectivity, allowing a real time control of the production lines through the SCADA component. It creates the possibility to integrate a Warehouse management system (WMS) guaranteeing the intelligent support to the internal logistics and shipping process. All this maximizes the use of human and technological resources (AGVs, RGVs, and robots), promoting the collaborative work. An efficient warehouse management system can reduce your warehouse management costs down by 40 %. Such a reduction of has huge impact on the entire production process making it more profitable, it also results in a more efficient management of energy resources, making the industry companies more digital and increasing their competitiveness on the global market.



A great priority of the MES software is the energy efficiency of the production resources, promoting an intelligent production planning and an adaptive management to the reality of its users, emphasizing the benefits of the transparency that the industry can offer to the final consumer. Dynamic and optimised production scheduling takes into account many details in terms of materials and operations planning. In practical terms, Sistrade Scheduling is able to assist the making process based on the selected criteria, equipment occupation load or any other criteria and suggest the optimal path for the production process, which besides allowing the companies to improve the customer response time, will also save energy resources and decrease the amount of waste.



The main purpose of our solutions is to reduce human intervention in production data records while at the same time significantly improving data reliability. With automatic data acquisition Sistrade SCADA system at hand, the transparency on the shop floor is almost implicit.  By having reliable data on the machine status, instantaneous and average speed, the setup and production time as well as the consumed material and production quantities, the companies are able to secure an effective asset maintenance and timely. The access to all this information in real time, not only contributes to a greater industrial performance but also makes quality control much easier to monitor, supporting any company’s commitment to meeting the highest quality standards.


The transition towards a more sustainable and competitive industry is inevitable. To fully participate in building a digital, greener and circular economy, the industry companies are in need of the right tools and committed partners to lead them towards change and innovation.




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