Marking for recycling: new recycling technologies


CATEGORY: packaging systems BRAND: ITENE

The demand for plastics has grown intensively over the last decades due to the industrial applicability of their properties (lightness, versatility, and durability). Specifically, 51.2 million tonnes of plastic are consumed annually in the European Union, of which 17.8 million tonnes is the packaging.

César Aliaga - ITENE


According to data from the PlasticsEurope business association (Figure 1) published in its report Plastics - the Facts 2020, the recycling rate of this packaging is 32.5%. The remainder is recovered through energy recovery (42.6%) or ends up in landfill (24.9%). According to the same report, the sectors with the highest demand for plastic are...YOU CAN CONTINUE READING THIS ARTICLE IN OUR ONLINE MAGAZINE. YOU CAN REGISTER TO SEE ALL THE CONTENTS AT

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