Metalicoplastico introduces a new 3D configurator to create ´on demand´ packaging


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Metalicoplastico, a company with more than 40 years of experience in the production and decoration of plastic packaging for cosmetics and parapharmacy, has a new 3D configurator that allows to customize a big array of designs.

In order to maintain a constant renewal and high quality in all its productions, this firm now has a configurator, thanks to which "all our packaging can be customized and transformed into a unique packaging: the brand image desired by our customers" highlights the Metalicoplastico Management.


Thus, with this software, the different techniques used are applied according to the needs required by each project such as materials and colours, decoration and special effects.


In addition, the configurator allows customization to devise a perfect packaging. It is very simple to use and you can save an image of it, as well as allows you to request a quote by filling out the final questionnaire.


In this way, with only 5 steps, each Metalicoplastico customer quickly and easily gets their ideal packaging: first, the configurator is accessed and the starting container is chosen. Second, one can move that container, rotate it, interact with the 3D model and visualize the idea you have. Then, the design of each component of the packaging is changed according to preferences (a design is added, the colours are chosen, their opacity...).


Finally, one "clicks" the photo button to see the final result (you can take all the photos by viewing angles you want) and you would only have to fill out the final form and Metalicoplastico automatically receives the request for quotation.

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