Minimalist and sensory packaging for a century-old soap


CATEGORY: Packaging design BRAND: Ciclus

When the stars align, an ideal client is added to the desired project and designing it is a real pleasure. This is what happened in this project for the collection of cosmetic and ecological soaps Essabó by Jabones Beltrán. A project full of details: packaging design, logo redesign, art direction, graphic design and exhibitor design.

Tati Guimarães


The result was a sensory design with minimal environmental impact. The watercolor illustrations (by the very talented Claudia Blin) express the delicate mix of oils and fruits, and refer to the artisanal process of making their soaps, based on ancestral formulas of the Beltrán family. Inside the packaging, you can see the origin of its ingredients and the beautiful history of the family, with almost 100 years of experience.

The exhibitor design is simple and elegant to give prominence to the collection of soaps at the points of sale.  It is shipped flat to reduce volume and CO2 emission in its transport. It is easily mounted and durable, allowing it to maintain its optimal conditions at the point of sale or so that it can be reused later.

All the materials used in the packagings and exhibitor are... READING MORE AT

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