Mosca at CCE International 2019


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Strapping solutions for corrugated industry professionals.

CCE International 2019 (12-14 March, Munich) is where corrugated and folding carton manufacturers will find the right solutions for their strapping needs at the Mosca booth in Hall B6, Stand 430. Mosca’s UCB is the ideal choice for ultrasonically strapping corrugated stacks in line with the flute – a solution offered exclusively by Mosca. The fully automated EVOLUTION SoniXs TRC-6 enables five-sided, precision alignment of products for strapping. 



The UCB cross-strapping machine is best-suited for complex products and frequently changing product sizes that can be stored as data presets and retrieved on demand via touch panel. This machine is ideal for non-standardized products such as 4 or 6-point folding cartons. The package is manually inserted by the operator and laterally driven conveyors reliably move it into the UCB. Corrugated products are aligned on up to six sides before they are single or double strapped with straps ranging from 5 to 12 mm in width. Conveyor belts then move the product out of the machine. The UCB is CE-compliant from the factory and requires no additional safety devices. 

Manual operation of the UCB is supported by automatic clock speed regulation (ATR). This feature adjusts the strapping speed to the operator's pace and helps protect machine parts from wear. When the machine is idle, it automatically goes into standby after a set time. 


Easy operation and maintenance

The fully automated EVOLUTION SoniXs TRC-6 is specially engineered for the corrugated industry and primarily used as the final element in complex lines. Like the UCB, it features patented SoniXs technology with Standard-6 strap path system and optional double strap dispenser for easy operation and minimal set-up times. The Standard-6 strap path can be easily disassembled and replaced without tools for easy maintenance. To ensure secure strapping, the 
EVOLUTION SoniXs TRC-6 is available with an optional side aligner for precision alignment of the product to be strapped on up to five-sides.


Mosca is a system supplier, developer and producer of high-quality strapping machines, strapping materials and safety systems for transporting goods for professional and industrial use. The machine portfolio ranges from universal devices with a wide range of applications, to fully automated high-performance machines that can be integrated into any higher-level automation line. Mosca produces strapping material out of PP, PET and PLA in one of the most modern sites in Europe. Mosca’s international distribution, service and consulting network enables global service for customers. The family company was founded in 1966 and is based in Waldbrunn between Heidelberg and Heilbronn, Germany. Mosca is present in 15 countries with 17 offices and four production sites in Germany, Canada and Malaysia. It employs 1000 employees. With continuous new developments, the strapping experts have maintained quality and technology leadership in the strapping sector for more than 50 years.    


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