Nanotechnology and packaging: advantages, applications and surveillance


CATEGORY: Packaging materials BRAND: ITENE

In recent decades we have observed an increase in the demand for packaging with characteristics that represent a challenge for manufacturers.

Natalia Ortuño, Borja Ferrández and Arantxa Ballesteros - ITENE


At the same time, a technological field based on nano-scale materials has developed due to their potential applications in different fields. In particular, in the area of food, this development has provided an opportunity to address long-standing challenges in the sector such as increasing shelf life, reducing waste, assessing safety and improving food quality.



Nanomaterials have many advantages over current packaging solutions, including enhanced mechanical strength, improved gas barrier properties, reduced material weight per unit of packaging and antimicrobial activity, among others. In addition, they can be incorporated into sensors enabling the design of fast and sensitive devices for assessing food freshness and detection of allergens, toxins or pathogens (1).


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