New times, new ways, new opportunities



Following the last edition of Hispack 2022, where it was possible to exhibit the immense innovative power of the packaging industry like never before, after two years of a forced break for the trade fair, I am very pleased to share some brief reflections, after four intense days of meetings, interviews, press conferences and, above all, listening to professionals:

· Beyond the final figures (which are not yet available at the time of writing this piece), from the technological dimension and the solutions presented in this edition, within the constraints known to all, it really galvanised the market. It certainly did show “The strength of packaging", the motto chosen by the organising committee.

· Hispack 2022 came at the right moment. Let's not waste the opportunity it has given us and let’s get on the wave of the future, as it moves inescapably through internationalisation and innovation. And, of course, sustainability. The complete programme of conferences and workshops attested to this.

· Let’s not forget the Hispack & Graphispag synergy: printing technologies have great potential in packaging and the key players in the sector did not miss this opportunity to show it. Packaging and printing it seems form an inseparable team.

There will be time to continue commenting on what happened at Hispack, but I would also like to mention labelling. Between June 9-12, Benidorm will host the XXII edition of the AIFEC Congress, the Iberian Association of Continuous Label Manufacturers. Again, two years have passed since the last conference, and optimism can be seen right now in its motto: “New times, new forms, new opportunities”. As José Ramón Benito, president of the association, commented, "We are especially excited to be able to meet all the label sector professionals again after almost two years, and to be able to face these new times in a different and positive way, taking advantage of the new opportunities that have opened up for us.” At Infopack, we share this emotion and the will of this group is to continue generating value through this component, the label, which was largely forgotten about for many years by the packaging industry, a residual in the total cost of the product; however, as we will never tire of repeating, it accompanies, dresses and defines. We’ll be there to tell you all about it.

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