Oasis Flower Plant for Plastic Acquires a Comexi F2 MB Flexographic Press


CATEGORY: Empresa BRAND: Comexi

The F2 MB will simultaneously help the Saudi Arabian company offer more sustainable printing and maintain very extremely high print quality.

Oasis Flower Plant for Plastic, the leading producer of PET preforms and HDPE closures in Saudi Arabia, has reached an agreement to acquire a Comexi F2 MB flexo press; this is the first joint operation between the two companies. The Asian company has decided to rely on Comexi's experience and technology, as it primarily is seeking printing projects to address the needs of various customers, especially those in the beverage sector.



“This is an extremely important operation for us”, says Oriol Rabert, the Comexi Area Manager of this region, who highlights that “we have demonstrated that our customers, due to our flexographic technology, can achieve identical special colour results as those obtained with a rotogravure press”. This project is in addition to others that Comexi is developing in this region, which also involve the installation of several flexographic printing machines.


Located in Al-Kharj, south of Riyadh, Oasis began in 2012. Thereafter, the company has increased its production capacity every year to manufacture over 5 billion units annually for its customers in the water bottling sector and other industries.

The Comexi F2 MB flexographic press is not only the best machine for combining short and medium runs, and but also to manage a full range of flexible packaging applications. The F2 MB features every ergonomic solution of the F2 family. It incorporates GeniusTech solutions to assist printers in conquering the primary challenges they currently face, which include a lack of skilled operators, job length reduction, and an increased number of job changes, among others. The utmost importance has been given to solutions that focus on providing the quickest job changeover, such as the GeniusFlow for fast cleaning, various automatic setup solutions, including GeniusSet and GeniusReg to shorten time and minimize waste, or GeniusData, which allow stores every existing job parameter to be reused, thus shortening the start-up of a new job.


Comexi, founded in 1954, has extensive experience in manufacturing equipment for the flexible packaging conversion industry. As a world leader, it operates six product lines, each specialized in a different conversion process: flexography printing, offset printing, digital printing, laminating, slitting, and digital services. Furthermore, it has a Service and Technical Assistance Business Unit that offers service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The company has two production plants: one in Riudellots de la Selva (Girona, Spain) and another one in Montenegro, in the State of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil). There are also two offices in Miami (USA) and Moscow (Russia). Moreover, Comexi is represented in more than 100 countries. This commercial network allows us to have proximity to our customers in order to optimally respond to their needs. Comexi includes the Manel Xifra Boada Technological Centre, Comexi CTec, where the company provides support and shares its knowledge with various groups involved in the flexible printing industry process.


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