Objective: Zero Waste


CATEGORY: JAVIER ROMERO, editor of Infopack

We all talk grandly about the environment, the circular economy and sustainability. Clearly we - at least in the First World - have reached that moment when we can say that practically the whole society is environmentally aware. This was the first step, the sine qua non to face the future in this era of sustainability

Now we have to move from bluster to action, because the future is now and now is the time to act.

The packaging industry's mission is to face an unprecedented revolution and take on these new ecological challenges. Although largely imposed by public administrations, they have the most demanding of bosses behind them: consumers. These are not just a number in the brand's turnover, but are people who have developed an awareness of responsible consumption and make demands accordingly.


At InfoPack, we want to become the reference media for sustainable and responsible solutions for packaging, processing, printing and intralogistics. Participating in the contents of our magazine is knowing the latest trends and innovations in a sector changing before our eyes, meeting the main players involved in this change and finding the means to create lasting relationships and strategic alliances.


We want “Objective: Zero Waste” to be the flagship of our media outlet to build a sustainable future today. Using this editorial, we intend to bring together the main players proposing innovative, responsive packaging solutions; using new materials and recyclable, reusable and connected containers in supply chains. InfoPack will publicise the solutions implemented, to promote the creation of new eco-responsible manufacturing, distribution and consumption solutions.

We ask ourselves several questions: is responsible packaging a mere consumer’s dream? Innovation all around, yes, but at what cost? Is "bulk" synonymous with zero packaging? Will the new materials lead us towards real zero impact? Is zero packaging a dream or a reality? What is zero impact anyway? In a world in flux, packaging and intralogistics professionals will find solutions or possible answers to these questions at InfoPack; thus helping us all move towards a more sustainable packaging industry.


“Objective: Zero Waste” is about to become another of our “Brand Values” podcasts, informing its audience about the keys that consumer brands are developing to provide the action solutions of today and tomorrow. To meet this goal, we have designed a must-see programme of content you can catch in each of our episodes.


Today, among other interesting content in our print edition, there is an interview with Enric Martínez-Abarca, Business Manager at HP Indigo Iberia & Italy, who tells us about the leverage that digital technology provides to compete in the face of packaging segmentation: “You have to go beyond simply printing”.


Fco. Javier Romero

Editor Infopack Magazine


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