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Interview with Rafael Juan, CEO of Vicky Foods

Although our readers may not be so familiar with the name, Vicky Foods is a family-owned enterprise with over 65 years of success in the bakery and pastry market. Dulcesol products, on the other hand, are a brand many readers will easily recognize, are present in virtually all supermarkets and have reached millions of Spanish homes. They are a favorite of young, and not so young, children. This very year, the Dulcesol Group became Vicky Foods to clearly show that, today, the company is already operating in other food categories.


Francisco Montoro


INFOPACK: To start off, could you briefly tell us about the various Dulcesol product lines?

RAFAEL JUAN: Dulcesol has two major product lines: breads, in which you can find our sliced bread, special bread, toasted bread, burger and hotdog roll product lines, each of course having multiple varieties; as well as our pastry-bakery goods; along with our traditional line, Black, and our branducts, which are products sold under their own brands, such as Sols, Macacos, Rounds, Manjus and Doracaos, for example.


IP: Let us place ourselves before the retail shelf, the place where purchases are decided. How do you think consumers perceive the Dulcesol brand in terms of product packaging?

RJ: We believe that, with the new packaging we are rolling out, our consumers today perceive us as a...READING MORE

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