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Interview with Antonio Machín, Head of Packaging of Laundry & Home Care of Henkel Ibérica

Wipp Express, Mistol, Estrella, Somat, Dixan, Conejo, Tenn, Neutrex, Perlan... everyone has heard of these famous brands, haven't they? Behind them is the global giant Henkel, founded over 140 years ago in the German city of Aachen. Today, Henkel operates worldwide with a balanced and diversified portfolio. The company has a leading position in its three business divisions (Beauty, Home Care and Adhesive Technologies), not only in FMCG but also industry, thanks to its strong brands, innovation and technology.


Francisco Montoro


INFOPACK: From your point of view, what are the primary consumer demands on today's detergent packaging and home care products?

ANTONIO MACHíN: The truth is that, more and more, thanks to the internet, social networks, influencers, and so on, consumers are better informed, and this makes them more demanding in general in terms of the products or services they are willing to buy. In the case of consumer products, it is...READING MORE

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