Outside, less is more and inside, more is better!


CATEGORY: strategies

There are several reasons why it has been concluded that the expression 'less is more' is trendy and ‘Premium’. One of the reasons could be the information overload we experience with the Internet, which makes us value simple things more, or perhaps a longer-lived population has access to new technologies but also requires clarity in communication and packaging


Looking back helps us approach things with much more depth and perspective. So if we go back to the 80s and 90s we would never have thought that the concept of ‘premiumness’ would evolve as it has. In the 80s and 90s, the more aesthetic, the better it was and the more it attracted attention. This was a period when design was more anarchic, with excessive colours, hard fonts and styles with very marked light and shade. This led to a 'more is more' attitude being promoted. Over time, we have evolved towards a 'less is more' attitude, with simplicity and a ‘flat’ design turning the perception of ‘premiumness’ upside down, and this is how many premium brands exploit it.


The evolution in the way of perceiving design has become somewhat more...READING MORE AT

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