Packaging from waste: turning waste into new materials



One of the main challenges facing society today is to reduce the generation of waste and innovate in resources to assimilate and manage it, as this volume of waste causes significant environmental damage

Rosa Domènech, Soraya Sánchez, Paula Fernández y Nieves Barnuevo - ITENE


Specifically, in 2020 the Spanish economy generated 105.6 million non-hazardous waste according to data from the National Statistics Institute (INE). The most relevant categories of waste generated were mining waste (40%), mixed waste (34%) and organic waste (9%).



Population and economic growth is one of the causes strongly linked to this fact. On the one hand, world population growth has a direct effect on energy and food demand, which translates into increased generation of oil and organic waste respectively. On the other hand, economic growth is directly proportional to waste generation, because stronger economies have higher consumption.


Given the high amount of waste generated, the linear economic model of production and resource management poses a risk to the environment. Therefore, there is...READING MORE AT

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