Packaging management, the discipline that provides a comprehensive response to the needs of industry



The packaging value chain faces important future challenges that require a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach in areas related to marketing, technological innovation and sustainability


Pablo Albert - ITENE


In this context, packaging management can be understood as the discipline that allows the appropriate management and integration of all these areas, in order to offer an effective and global response in terms of efficient, safe, attractive and environmentally friendly packaging that complies with new legislative requirements.


The role of packaging has been evolving as a mirror of the changes taking place in consumption and in society in general and, today, it ranges from a purely operational function that must be properly adjusted and optimised, to a strategic function that allows a clear differentiation not only at the point of sale, but also in alignment with the company's environmental and legislative objectives. The priority, therefore, for the packaging industry is to define strategies to meet these new challenges.


Designing for sustainability

One of the main challenges the industry has faced and continues to face is to optimise the operational function. In the simplest sense, the packaging system must be designed in such... READING MORE AT

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