“Packaging, the First Impression on Your Consumer”


CATEGORY: strategies BRAND: Mediactiu

Packaging should be like the cover of a book: informative, suggestive and enticing. It creates the first impression that the consumer perceives when deciding whether to buy a product at the point of sale. Although the actual product is on the inside, the design of external packaging can completely determine its sales performance, as it distills and shapes marketing strategy and therefore the image and branding of the brand.

Packaging design and application for the Trident brand.


The people at Mediactiu, an advertising agency in Barcelona specialized in branding and graphic design, have been developing packaging solutions for over twenty years. This extensive background has equipped them with the experience and know-how covering all aspects that must be considered when developing packaging that meets the needs of a product, positions it and makes it stand out over the competition. We spoke with the Mediactiu team, who provided us with some of the insights we hope can be useful in creating your own next packaging solution.


A well-defined strategy; exact product specifications, volume and requirements; target market and technical details must all be brought to bear when creating product packaging. This information is essential to creating the right solution by developing a creative and graphic design concept that transmits product values and potential competitive advantages, or simply sets it apart from the rest of the market offering.


In order to create a proper brand image, once we have defined the target audience, we have to build the brand by...READING MORE AT

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