Packaging waste management


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Since 1994, and with the publication of the Directive 94/62/EC, the need to harmonize packaging management and its waste has been higlighted. From this moment on, European countries began to implement separate collection for packaging waste gradually.

Paula Torrijos and Miguel Górriz - ITENE


Depending on the country, the collection of the waste is done through containers in located points or door to door, and the frequency of collection varies according to the type of waste. There are even countries such as Italy, whose regions or municipalities have completely different systems and even vary in colour and content, so it can be difficult for a highly mobile lifestyle.


The new Action Plan for the Circular Economy -published in March-, which is part from the European Green Deal, proposes the harmonisation between the Member States of the collection of the different waste fractions. The purpose of harmonising and standardising collection systems is to achieve a homogeneous quality of recycled material throughout Europe that can meet the demand for high-quality secondary material.


Requirements on recycled material content

For the coming years, several requirements are set for certain types of packaging, such as the content of recycled material...READING MORE AT

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