PCD Paris 2019: Innovation Gallery



ADF & PCD Paris 2019 organization put together this preview for you of what must not be missed at the event (30-31 January, Paris Porte de Versailles).

The selection was made on November 2018:


Acti Pack

New range of PET bottles “EQUINOXE”

The last-born bicolor flip top cap from the Axium Group, “Equinoxe” cap is launched with the support of PET packaging made by Acti Pack.
The brilliant finish and large catchy smile are perfectly associated with the rounded and generous shapes of the 2 last models of PET bottles Adara and Erakis. This range is dedicated to personal care applications such as shampoos and shower gels. Available in 250 ml in clear PET as standard, the bottles can be produced in color and/or in PCR raw material. Complementary capacities and new shapes can be studied and developed on request.




Packaging and Label CK One Summer 2018

A playful and ultra-personalized packaging for a unique customer experience!

This new version of CK One Summer fragrance is dedicated to summer skies and, accordingly, adorns a fresh and vibrant turquoise blue garb, in line with its sparkling fragrance with fresh scents of lime-mojito and acid scent of guava.
The box is novel as it offers, on one of its faces, a sheet of self-adhesive stickers, containing photographs of Connor Franta and logos of the designer Raf Simons.

A true invitation to travel and escape, the stickers allow the end customer to «create his own bottle» and to be assured of owning a unique model.

This ‘carton-label’ combination meets the demand for ultra-personalization of the product. The possible combinations are multiple; Designers can, accordingly, give way to freely expressing their imagination, and the brand can increase the number of its customers infinitely.



Certina Packaging

Grand Luxe

- The beauty of glass combined with the strength of plastic -

Consumers appreciate the toughness of the packaging combined with an attractive appearance, a comfortable weight, and ease of portability. Grand Luxe is an attractive and versatile material that can take packaging to another level of appearance. The material can combine unlimited colours and exceptional transparency, to take packaging into a higher market category.




Coradin expands its ECODIS Dispenser ranges and launches SERIDOSE

With the growing success enjoyed by Coradin with its ECODIS range, the innovative company based in the south of France continues to offer new packs around this gesture that appeals to consumers.

ECODIS Dispenser is an innovative, lightweight product that can be used simply by pressing on the flexible bottom part of the tube. It is intended for applications of skin care, hair care or even innovative make-up formulas (fluid foundation type). Available in 10ml, 15ml and 30ml, ECODIS is proposed with different tip diameters to adapt to the viscosity of formulas.

In order to vary the application, the Dispenser ECODIS is now available with adapters on which we can assemble a cap with a temper evident (CALIC snap-on cap) or simply a standard screw cap M24/410.

SERIDOSE is the 2019 novelty! This pack allows the distribution of care or makeup by a syringe of 1ml or 2ml. If you need to precisely dose a color or a booster, this new packaging should get your attention...

ECODIS is a patented technology by CORADIN.




Material revolution: cork-blend sughera

Natural look and soft-touch feel - SUGHERA is a revolutionary material consisting of recycled cork mixed with synthetic rubber-blend. Sughera components can be produced in a variety of colors and customized by embossed/debossed pattern and logos. Sughera is ecofriendly: this natural material is processed in Portugal, fully respecting the harvesting guidelines for cork.

Components made of sughera features a natural look and a velvety, soft surface.
The new cooperation with the manufacturer Livingcap enables Corpack to be the first company to introduce Sughera in a wide range of cosmetic packaging.



Dapy Paris

GH. MUMM Trophy Bucket

Dapy has developed for GH.MUMM its trophy bucket designed by the Missouri Creative agency.

The perfect combination of metal and plastic, this very tall bucket injected in white diffusing is black lacquered with a soft touch varnish. A brushed metal band underlines the shape of the trophy and contrasts with the depth of the black.

In addition, a waterproof and removable light base dresses the whole of light. One of the difficulties of this product was the anamorphosis and engraving of the logos which perfectly follow the curves of the bucket and let the light through.

This creation can contain 5 bottles or 3 magnums of champagne and is easily transportable thanks to its steel handles which gives this trophy rigidity and elegance.



Dongguan Ruifengyuan Packaging

Jewellery Box and Perfume Box: scented boxes.

Drawer design, high grade atmosphere, more practical



Grafiche Trotta

Cold Foil Inline

Since 2008, they offer Cold Foil Inline and have become experts in this printing technique. Do not hesitate to contact Graphiche Trotta for more information about its environmental impact.



Hoffmann Neopac AG

Sugarcane – Bioplastic on the rise

Sugarcane tubes are environmentally friendly packaging solution for your cosmetics and personal care products. Whereas standard PE-tubes are made of fossil based polyethylene, the sugarcane tube is made from renewable resources. The sugarcane grows in Brazil on predefined field and is then transformed into bioplastics. Since sugarcane-based material has exactly the same characteristics and process ability as fossil-based polyethylene, it runs on conventional PE production equipment. The sugarcane tube body is 100% recyclable using standard polyethylene recycling streams. We are so straight forward with this product that we even reveal our source, so you are able to learn more about the quality and environmental impact of the sugarcane tube.



Kurz France

TRUSTSEAL 3D PLASTX: un effet de relief «bluffant» pour une surface incroyablement lisse

Novel hologram effect for closing caps.

The holographic design TRUSTSEAL SFX is an irresistible eye-catcher at the point of sale. The exclusive 3D design, popular and sought after on labels and packaging, can now also be applied to plastic lids. TRUSTSEAL 3D PLASTX is directly worked in to the plastic surface. The motif seems to rise from the surface, but touching it reveals the illusion: the surface is completely flat.





Extract is a pioneering paper inspired by our environment.

With ten colours drawn directly from nature, it is a dynamic combination of chemistry and artistry that takes disposable paper cups destined for landfill and transforms them into beautiful paper.




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