´Perfectionist´: creativity is always etched in memory


CATEGORY: Packaging design BRAND: Roberto Núñez

Perfectionist is one of the great wines from Davide, a Galician winery of the DO. Rías Baixas, captained by David Acha and his winemaker Pablo Estévez, the best in Spain in 2019.

Roberto Núñez


When we were called by the winery, the briefing we received went far beyond that of creating premium packaging; basically, they sought to breathe new life into their product range and their brand. They had a need to communicate their true essence.

Customers in the food industry don't simply call us looking for packaging, a promotional campaign or some marketing tactic. Rather, they usually explain that they have approached us because they see in us a global partner in brand building.


Davide needed rebranding, which was a challenge, an opportunity and a great responsibility, all of which gave us extra motivation.

We started with the strategy. We studied the luxury market in depth, the status of the winery, its products, its competitors, its objectives, as well as the circumstances that had led them to a place where they were not comfortable and did not allow them to achieve their objectives.


After strategizing, we delineated a...READING MORE

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