Pharmaceutical packaging: Safety is what counts


CATEGORY: Pharmacy and Parapharmacy BRAND: interpack

The demand for pharmaceutical products is increasing worldwide, with more and more medications being launched onto the market in ever shorter periods of time. Last year alone, turnover in the German pharmaceutical market – the largest in Europe and the fourth largest worldwide – was around 53.6 billion euros

According to Statista, the volume has more than doubled in the last fifteen years and almost 100 billion counting units, i.e. tablets, sachets, injections, etc., were sold at last count. They all have to be packaged hygienically and safely, meeting strict legal requirements. This places high demands on packaging materials, filling processes and packaging machines.



At the latest since the pandemic, it has become clear how important protective packaging is for vaccines, medications, disinfectants and other medical products. We have seen from the example of the Corona vaccines that developing a vaccine is not enough. Numerous players along the entire supply chain had to work well together to protect millions of people from the virus. Billions of little glass vials for the vaccine were needed, as...READING MORE AT

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