Printed electronics: technology that connects and impacts


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In an increasingly connected world, data and the ability to extract information about how, when or how consumers use the products they purchase is a great tool to better respond to market needs. In this sense, incorporating electronics into packaging opens the door to a world of new possibilities for the packaging industry.

Inmaculada Lorente – ITENE


One way of making this a reality is through the use of printed electronics. By means of this technology, electronics devices will be directly printed on the packaging materials and will allow for example the sensorization of product conditions, or even print graphics in movement on the packaging material.


Printing electronics brings together two sectors as different as electronic design and printing processes. Basically, this technology consists of printing "electronic" inks to develop antennas, matrixes or circuits on different substrates, as varied as paper, textile or plastic. By printing directly on these substrates, it is possible to create, in a relatively economic way, objects that react electronically.



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