Produce eco-friendly labels with LX610e


CATEGORY: Printing and labeling BRAND: DTM Print

DTM Print offers a range of different colour label printers. One of them is the LX610e Color Label Printer with the unique feature to print and cut any label shape with just one device in seconds.

According to DTM Print, the LX610e is the only full-colour, desktop label printer/plotter in the world that delivers photo-quality labels in any size and shape. It combines colour inkjet label printing at up to 4800 dpi with a built-in digital die-cutting mechanism. The printer features a built-in die-cutting knife blade for cutting labels into custom shapes and sizes and also a built-in "pizza-wheel" style cutter for horizontal cutting of labels.


LX610e includes an easy-to-use software for laying out print and cut files. That allows the fast production of custom labels of virtually any size or shape all in one process. Like any other desktop colour label printer the LX610e can also be fed with standard pre die-cut labels and tags for just printing.

The maximum print width of LX610e is 104 mm (4.1″) when using the die cutting function and 127 mm (5″) when using just the printing option on pre-die cut label materials.


Professional print businesses, label converters, advertising agencies, graphic design shops and other print providers will find the LX610e invaluable for producing accurate label samples, prototypes and short runs for client approval before ordering expensive hard-tooled or flexible dies. Small businesses can print their own short runs of hundreds or a few thousand custom labels, without incurring delays and die costs, while continuing to send their longer runs to label production shops. That provides them even more value and flexibility.

Two different types of ink are available for the LX610e Color Label Printer. Dye-based ink produces bright and vibrant colours that are perfect for prime label applications. Pigment-based ink prints labels that are slightly less bright but stand up to sunlight and water for years. Because the printer utilises an ultra-high capacity single CMY ink cartridge, users will only need to replace and keep on-hand one item instead of multiple. In addition, they get a brand new printhead each time they change the cartridge, simplifying maintenance and dramatically lowering on-going operating costs for cleaning and service.


An innovative printer like LX610e is only as good as its software. The easy-to-use software PTCreate™ Pro can be used with Mac and Windows alike. PTCreate Pro allows the fast production of custom labels of virtually any size or shape all in one process. An auto-trace cut function in PTCreate Pro will automatically find the edges of the artwork and is especially useful for printing and cutting label outlines and designs regardless of the complexity, shape or size. Additional tools include layering, export of images and contour cutting around intricate artwork. The LX610e is sold by DTM Print in a special bundle that offers the best to customers. This LX610e Pro bundle includes the printer, the PTCreate Pro Software and one roll of DTM Paper Semi Gloss.


LX610e supports an eco-friendly and sustainable business approach with a very low energy consumption, ultra-low weight by using less material, non-toxic ink supplies as well as 100% recyclable components.



The sustainability of a packaging can be increased by using environmentally friendly labels. DTM Print has bundled its selection of eco-friendly, recycled or natural labels under the new label line DTM EcoTec. As of now, the following four materials are part of the EcoTec line: DTM EcoTec Hemp Paper, DTM EcoTec Grass Paper, DTM EcoTec Paper Matte Nature y DTM EcoTec Poly Clear Gloss R90.


“To produce exceptional product labels for all kinds of applications you not only need advanced and resource-friendly print technology as integrated in our colour label printers but also high-quality material,” explains Albion Bekolli, label specialist at DTM Print. “Every product leaves a footprint on our planet and using label material that is environmentally-friendly and sustainable helps to keep it as small as possible.”



DTM Print, a member of the DTM Group, is an international OEM and solution provider based in Germany. Established in 1986, the company is a pioneer in specialty printing and has experience in developing individual printing services for over three decades. DTM Print represented the US company Primera Technology, Inc. under the name Primera Europe GmbH in EMEA for many years. Beside its own products, the company works closely with well-known manufacturers to provide the best possible printing solution.


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