Retailers facing the challenges of the circular economy



The climate crisis has already become a topical and urgent issue, and the increase in greenhouse gas emissions caused by human activity is believed to be the cause of this problem.

Paula Torrijos - ITENE


The impact of climate change affects not only the climate (higher temperatures, increased risk of desertification, increased risk of flooding, etc.) and the environment (loss of biodiversity, forest fires, etc.), but also sectors such as tourism, energy and agriculture, not forgetting the impact on human health.



The European Union is aware of the problem (it was the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases in 2015) (1), but it has decided to tackle it and to propose measures to reduce the possible consequences as soon as possible. To this end, since 2015 it has decided to publish strategies and action plans with short- and medium-term objectives and measures within the scope of the Circular Economy in order to...READING MORE AT

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