“Rianxeira’s easy-to-open packaging first allowed Spanish consumers to consume preserves without fuss”


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Interview with Juan Carlos Cordeiro Rodríguez, Brand Director for Rianxeira and Escurís

Surely many of our readers will remember the ads for Rianxeira tuna from their childhood and youth, some being quite socially notorious at the time thanks to the work by the then-famous comedy duo, Martes y Trece. With that I would like to say that what we have before us are no less than the time-honored and cherished brands which have formed an integral part of growing up in Spain and today are part of our collective memory. Whenever a company attains such a high standard, no doubt that any changes to its image or packaging must be up to the task of maintaining that position.


Francisco Montoro


INFOPACK: What is Rianxeira today?

JUAN CARLOS CORDEIRO: Rianxeira is a brand owned by Jealsa, an eco-friendly enterprise that has very recently launched the most comprehensive range of canned goods on the market, comprised of 100% eco-friendly tuna and albacore, in addition to mussels, wild salmon, and sardines.

It is a unique and innovative offering comprised of products that meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability across the entire product range, targeted at an increasingly eco-conscious consumer.

In this regard, all tuna and albacore used in the company’s preserves carry the MSC blue seal (Marine Stewardship Council, the most demanding sustainable fishing certification on the market).

In addition, Rianxeira's new product line reduces food waste and product impact on the environment by using just the right amount of oil and/or water, preserving all the juiciness and flavor of the produce while respecting the environment and providing consumers with a healthy and convenient food source.

This major launch of our revamped branding was...READING MORE AT

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