Robust And Nestable: The NP1 Pallet From Craemer


CATEGORY: Logistics BRAND: Craemer

A sustainable and optimum utilisation of storage and transport space requires space-saving load carriers that are also robust and durable. With the NP1 Euro pallet, the Craemer Group has expanded its range to include a nestable, lightweight, and robust plastic pallet made of high-quality polyethylene that fulfils these requirements.

The NP1 lightweight pallet in Euro dimensions (1200 x 800 x 146 mm) is injection-moulded in one piece, with nine step-shaped feet. Thanks to the sophisticated stacking system, the NP1 plastic pallet boasts a precise and secure nestability as well as effortless manual nesting and de-nesting. Recesses in the entry openings of all sides also allow easy de-nesting with forklift trucks. With a weight of 8.5 kilograms, the completely recyclable NP1 from Craemer offers reliable stability and durability in daily use.


Exact nestability: Locking pins in the feet cavities anchor the step-shaped feet of the one-piece injection-moulded NP1 plastic pallet.  Image: Craemer Group


As an experienced manufacturer of high-quality plastic pallets, Craemer has developed Palgrip, a unique anti-slip coating technology. The NP1 plastic pallet also features innovative Palgrip elements in the form of 24 injection-moulded anti-slip pads on the upper deck of the pallet. They offer efficient slip resistance and reliably secure the load, even in an inclined position or in damp conditions. Optional retrofittable anti-slip plugs on the lower deck secure the pallet when handled with a forklift. Thanks to two integrated film slots on each of the long sides, loads wrapped in stretch film can be secured.


Efficient slip resistance: 24 abrasion-resistant, injection-moulded Palgrip anti-slip pads ensure reliable load safety. Image: Craemer Group



The nestable NP1 pallet has a payload capacity of 2500 kilograms and a dynamic load capacity of 1000 kilograms. Two optional reinforcement profiles increase bending stiffness of the longitudinal sides when handled with forklift or pallet trucks; the addition of optional RFID transponders turns plastic pallets into traceable “intelligent” information carriers. Further quality features are different rim options and a temperature resistance from minus 30°C to plus 40°C, briefly up to +90°C.


The family-run group of companies with its headquarters in Germany was founded in 1912 as a metal processing company. At the end of the 1950s, plastics processing was added as a further business area. Craemer initially manufactured large containers using the injection moulding process and in 1967 received a patent for the world's first plastic pallet moulded in one shot. Today Craemer is firmly established worldwide as a specialist in metal forming, plastics processing and tool making. The group has four European production sites and a global network of sales partners and offices. In 2022, Craemer achieved a total operating output of 372 million euros with around 1000 employees.


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