SATO linerless labels



SATO linerless labels are the perfect choice for environmentally responsible organisations. The self-adhesive, non-backed labels help to decrease waste and save resources and at the same time, reduce overall cost.


SATO linerless labels are pressure sensitive labels designed without a release liner, which means no liner waste or carbon emissions and up to 30-40% more labels per roll. Labour and transportation savings and reduced storage requirements are also benefits associated with linerless labels, contributing to a reduced carbon footprint for your organisation.


A specially formulated release coating on the face of the label, as well as perforated tear lines, ensure that SATO linerless labels are suitable for a wide variety of applications. Mobile price markdowns, weight scale labelling, shelf-edge labelling and warehousing (receiving, storing, picking and shipping) are just some of the applications linerless labels cover.


Our linerless range is available as standard white primary labels and premium multi-coloured labels. For ease of integration, SATO linerless labels are compatible with almost all legacy and current linerless printers including the MB Series and CLNX Series ranges of printers.



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